Kelly SHU Endorsement

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, friends! I’m super excited to inform you of my latest endorsement: The Kelly SHU. This piece of gear is an internal kick drum mic mount that allows drummers to have a kick drum mic mounted and ready to go inside their kick drum 24/7. It’s extremely versatile, lightweight, easy to install, and makes your sound engineer’s job much easier. I am massively grateful to Jeffery Kelly and his team for bringing me on-board and am excited to be working with them. Check them out for yourselves!

SledgePad Endorsement

I am very honored to announce my endorsement with SledgePad kick drum dampeners! This piece of gear is custom fitted for your kick drum depth and dampens overtones, focusing the punch and tone of your kick drum. No more pillows shifting and sliding during transport and setup. A massive thanks to Mike Vermillion and the SledgePad team for bringing me aboard!

Endorsement w/ Ddrum and Drumtacs!

I am wildly excited to tell you that I am now an official Ddrum endorsed artist! I have played Ddrum drums since 2010 and have loved everything about them. I’ve been in touch with Felix Deluna at Ddrum since 2015 trying to make something work and the time was finally right to make this happen. Last week, my brand new Ddrum M.A.X. Limited Edition kit arrived and I have been busy behind it since. It’a an amazing sounding kit and I’m so excited to get these on the road and onstage backing both Rookie Of The Year AND Kyle Lucas on the upcoming Sounds Of Summer Tour in August.

I have also been added to the roster at Drumtacs! Drumtacs are drum head dampeners that help kill unwanted ring and overtones. They don’t get messy, they’re reusable, and they get the job done!

I’m excited to be working with both of these great companies and I am continually thankful to all the folks out there who support me and help me nail down opportunities like this!

The Sounds Of Sumer Tour

I am supremely excited to tell you about Rookie Of The Year’s Sounds Of Summer Tour, happening Aug. 8-20! Joining us are Stages & Stereos (members of Yellowcard), Ashland (InVogue Records), Kyle Lucas, City Under Siege, and The Autumnafter. This is an east coast/Midwest tour and if you missed us in the spring, you don’t want to miss this one! Massive thanks to the all sponsors helping bring this one to you!


New Endorsements

I am super excited to announce my partnership with two companies whose products I whole-heartedly believe in: Guitar Triller and Cympad!

Guitar Triller is a super-cool little toy that I randomly stumbled upon on Kickstarter last year. It’s basically a hammer-type tool used to strike the string of any stringed instrument to give it a percussive, dulcimer kind of sound. The Triller can be used in three different positions: chord, single-string, and pick. It seriously opens up a whole new world of sound, style, and playing. It’s one of those things you just have to get your hands on and see for yourself. Guitarists, you must try!

Cympad is a company that manufactures cellular foam rubber washer cymbals. The goal of these washers is that they help bring out the best sound and tone of your cymbals while also controlling overtones and volume. Essentially, they help to focus your cymbal’s best sound qualities. I’ve noticed this most in my hi-hats (14″ Sabian AAX X-celerators). My hats are crisper and louder than I’ve ever heard them and that’s because Cympads have allow them to really open up and shine. I’m a HUGE stickler for uniformity and aesthetics, as well, when it comes to my gear (especially drums) and the added bonus is that these washers help my cymbals hang straight on their stands on a consistent basis, something I’ve always struggled with with traditional felt washers.

I am honored to be working with both of these companies and cannot sing their praises enough. I encourage you all to try these products and see for yourself though. Let them know I sent you!