Endorsement With All Poetic Audio’s Clicktrack Mixer


So, I randomly stumbled across this wonderful new toy a couple weeks ago. Actually, I think an ad for it popped up on my Facebook feed because they’re constantly listening… Anyway, I am pleased to announce my endorsement with All Poetic Audio, specifically, their Clicktrack Mixer. The way I’ve been running backing tracks with Rookie Of The Year this year is basically running my computer into a small mixer using an 1/8″ to 1/4″ Y-cable, out of the FX send on the mixer into a DI box and then into the house system. I have the tracks split: click on the left channel, tracks on the right. I plug the click/left side into channel 1 on my mixer and plug tracks/right side into channel 2. Channel 1 gets panned hard left, channel 2 goes hard right. My in-ears go into the headphone input. Not necessarily a complicated setup but it took some work to figure out the proper way to route this and I am a bit of a putz when it comes to pro audio.

Clicktrack Mixer has eliminated this whole rigamarole. It’s basically its own mixer and DI built into one box. With this, I run my computer, with the same Y-cable, into the Mixer. My in-ears go into an input. I run an XLR line out of the Mixer to the house. That’s it. Seriously. The Mixer has a knob that lets me control the volume of the click and tracks in my ears. The only thing I had to switch was the panning on the tracks themselves. I now do click panned hard left and tracks are centered. This thing has cut down the clutter on my computer stand and is much easier to transport. I’ll be doing some video demonstrating it soon but this thing will be out with me on the upcoming Rookie tour and I am pumped! Thanks to Jeremy Schaeffer @ All Poetic Audio. Make sure to check out his band Earth Groans on Solid State Records!

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