Endorsement With Heil Sound


I am beyond honored to officially be on board with and endorsing Heil Sound!! Heil is headquartered just outside my hometown, St. Louis, MO, in Fairview Heights, IL. Founder Bob Heil was a sound pioneer in the ’70s, creating unique soundsystems for legends like The Who, The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, and more. The Heil Talk Box was made famous by the likes of Richie Sambora, Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh, and others. I had the pleasure of stopping by their factory this week to pick up a PR22 vocal mic which will be my main vocal mic for live settings, moving forward. I’ll be adding a PR48 kick drum mic to my Kelly SHU inside my kick drum for the next Rookie Of The Year tour, as well. It’s an honor to be working with a company that has the history and resume that Heil has and I can tell you that their mics are unbeatable. A big thanks to Jerry Lynch and Greg McVeigh for bringing me aboard!

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