Endorsement w/ Ddrum and Drumtacs!

I am wildly excited to tell you that I am now an official Ddrum endorsed artist! I have played Ddrum drums since 2010 and have loved everything about them. I’ve been in touch with Felix Deluna at Ddrum since 2015 trying to make something work and the time was finally right to make this happen. Last week, my brand new Ddrum M.A.X. Limited Edition kit arrived and I have been busy behind it since. It’a an amazing sounding kit and I’m so excited to get these on the road and onstage backing both Rookie Of The Year AND Kyle Lucas on the upcoming Sounds Of Summer Tour in August.

I have also been added to the roster at Drumtacs! Drumtacs are drum head dampeners that help kill unwanted ring and overtones. They don’t get messy, they’re reusable, and they get the job done!

I’m excited to be working with both of these great companies and I am continually thankful to all the folks out there who support me and help me nail down opportunities like this!

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